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3D navigation trend
From:新浪网    Date:2011/11/7    Hits:3966

Car GPS navigation map in terms of its importance for the self-evident, as the vehicle of the soul machine car machine map also changes following the progress of those products, from traditional print to electronic maps junction real amplification, from 3D modeling and real into the aerial version of the map's success, we see a car drive growth and development of navigation maps. One concern was undoubtedly the most popular user full 3D navigation, the map from the early emergence of a bird's eye view of the country we can see the desire for 3D navigation, 3D car navigation unit is the industry's development trend of the times.

Domestic car machine map products, in full 3D navigation has not yet entered the stage of true 3D, due to body hardware and software programs constraints, real time 3D navigation has not come, but the real figure of the successful intervention plane, make ahead of our domestic customers enjoy the 3D navigation gives us the convenience of driving, compared to the general electronic navigation map Virtual map of the actual effect is remarkable, in the era before the advent of true 3D, you can experience in advance of the quasi-3D charm.